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"Paper Pasting Pandemonium" is a 1960 episode of Popeye the Sailor.


Olive Oyl has had enough with her house, and wants it re-papered. When she calls Popeye to put new wallpaper on her house, the sailor tries to do it, but messes up. Brutus comes in and attempts to put up the wallpaper better than Popeye. Both men try to do the pasting but end up fighting each other, which allows Brutus to speed it up. Popeye eats his spinach and gets rid of Brutus, then puts up a lot of wallpaper. The mixed wallpaper is a success, and Olive becomes literally glued to Popeye.


  • The comics-based wallpaper seen in this cartoon features actual Thimble Theatre material from the Sims / Zaboly era of the strip.


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