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Organ Grinder's Swing
Number 44
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The Paneless Window Washer
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Organ Grinder's Swing is Popeye's 44th theatrical cartoon, starring Jack Mercer as Popeye, Mae Questel as Olive Oyl, Gus Wickie as Bluto and Lou Fleischer as J. Wellington Wimpy. The short was produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures on February 19, 1937.


Wimpy is an organ grinder with a trained monkey dancing around. Olive and Popeye are enjoying his music and properly reward him with coins and hamburgers. Their neighbor, Bluto, finds the performer annoying. He gives the monkey a burning hot coin, causes it to freak out, throws objects at them and calls them to leave.

Popeye argues that Wimpy should stay, and their arguments grow increasingly violent. After some fighting, Bluto manages to stuff Popeye into a garbage can and squeeze him out with a roller. With Popeye unconscious, Olive tells the monkey to grab Popeye's can of spinach to feed it to the sailor. Popeye gains back his powers immediately, swiftly beats Bluto through a few rooms, and hurls him into a piano.

In the end, Popeye and friends go back to enjoying the music by turning Bluto's arms like a handcrank, thus playing the tune on the piano automatically.


  • The tune Wimpy plays is also titled "Organ Grinder's Swing", composed by Will Hudson.
  • On the DVD collection Popeye the Sailor: 1933 - 1938, Volume 1, the title sequence for this short is recreated, with the credits copied from The Paneless Window Washer, hence the incorrect animation credits.

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