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Olive's $weep$take Ticket
Number 93
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Olive's $weep$take Ticket is Popeye's 93rd theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on March 7, 1941.


When Olive learns that her sweepstake ticket has won the first prize, she begins frantically looking for it all over her apartment as she has forgotten where she had placed it. Popeye soon comes by and, upon learning of the win, he imagines a life of luxury, cars, jewels and opulent meals for the two. After he nearly tears apart Olive's home searching, the ticket is found resting on Olive's desk. As she sits relieved, a gust of wind takes it from her hand and places it on the backside of a woman's dress on the street below, so Popeye rushes out in pursuit. His attempts to extend his hand towards the lady's behind are interrupted by her angry looks. When he finally retrieves it, he trips thanks to the newspaper he was using as cover. The ticket ends up sinking at the pier but someone fishes it up, not before Popeye has dived after it. It then goes from train tracks to the tallest skyscraper to a busy street. Popeye then has to recover it from the hands of Slap-Happy Hour Gymnasium's mean members, taking a beating but returning to Olive's home in triumph. She then goes to claim her prize: a dopey-looking bird in a cage. Popeye nearly gets an apoplexy.

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