This is a story from Popeye, the original series published by Dell in 1948. The series was later renamed to Popeye the Sailor as it continued with other publishers. It has also been reprinted in other comic books by other publishers since then.

("My gorsh!! It is almost two - an' I has a date wit' Olive!!")


Writers: Bud Sagendorf
Pencils: Bud Sagendorf
Inks: Bud Sagendorf
Letters: Bud Sagendorf


Tag Line: ("My gorsh!! It is almost two - an' I has a date wit' Olive!!")
Number of pages: 1
Story Type: comic story
Characters: Popeye and Swee'Pea
Notes: Inside front cover
Prints: Popeye (Dell, 1948 series) #10 (December 1949-January 1950)
Popeye Classics (comic book) (IDW, 2012 series) #10 (May 2013)
Popeye Classics (hardcover) (IDW, 2013 series) #3 (February 2014)



Popeye is getting ready for a date with Olive and he is unable to find any of his hats. As he looks frantically around the house, he hears Swee'Pea playing outside. When he goes out to see what the boy is doing, he finds him teaching Mrs. Jones' puppies to be 'Sea Dorgs'. They are on a raft heading out with the tide and they are each wearing one of Popeye's hats.

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