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My Artistical Temperature
Number 45
Organ Grinder's Swing

My Artistical Temperature is Popeye's 45th theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on March 19, 1937.


At the Sweet Art Studio where sculptures are done by hand and portraits painted, Popeye is hard at work sculpting while his colleague Bluto paints, until they characteristically start to sabotage each other. A client (Olive Oyl) then enters, wanting her likeness to be made into a piece of art, with the sailor wishing to sculpt her while his rival insists on a painting. She decides to take the one that ends up looking better. Popeye quickly produces a lifelike sculpture, but it does not match the model's pose, so he rearranges the latter. This disrupts Bluto's work, so a struggle with the client begins, soon turning into a fight. Popeye is punched into a cossack's portrait while Bluto destroys the Olive sculpture using a sword, but Popeye gets free, breaks his rival's artwork on the latter's own head and fights Bluto's sword with a brush. The sailor wins the duel but is then hit with a sculpted tomahawk and left tied between a frame and several pictures. When the scared Olive tries to go away, she is prevented from doing so by Bluto. Popeye then eats his spinach, turns into a missile to get free and attack Bluto, and uses increased sculpting powers to send many fists fying against his opponent. He then beats him into various sculpted forms. Finally, the sailor swiftly crafts a scuplture of Olive as the Statue of Liberty.

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