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Mutiny Ain't Nice is Popeye's 64th theatrical cartoon. It was produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures on August 19, 1938. It features Jack Mercer as Popeye and Mae Questel as Olive Oyl.


Popeye is the captain of a cargo ship which is about to leave the port. Olive desperately wants to go with him, but he states that "women is a jinx on-board a boat", and gives her a passionate kiss before leaving. Dumbfounded by the kiss, she stumbles over a brick and falls into a chest, which gets loaded onto the ship.

After the ship sails off, Popeye finds Olive in the chest, just as the First Mate notices the voice of a woman. Popeye quickly hides her by putting her behind a frame to look like a painting. The Mate warns Popeye about having a woman on the ship, and when he laughs at the "painting", Olive is offended, hits the Mate and sneaks out.

Olive blows her cover when a mouse enters the barrel she is hiding in, and this prompts all crew members to attempt to get rid of her. Popeye tries to give orders, but gets beaten up by the First Mate, who claims he is now leading a mutiny against Popeye. The ship is in chaos as the sailors chase after Olive all over the decks. The Mate catapults Popeye away, but the latter conveniently reaches a can of spinach and instantly returns with a vengeance. He knocks the crew members one by one, covers their brawl in a sail canvas, and locks them with chains before sending them into the hatch.

After the chaos, Popeye, still believing women are a jinx, puts Olive on the lifeboat outside the ship, but helps her ride by single-handedly calming the ocean waves, and sings his signature song to end the cartoon.


  • While the main villain, a plump sailor that leads the mutiny, is not referred to by any name, the cartoon's model sheet, signed by animator Dave Tendlar, names him the "First Mate."

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