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Moving Aweigh
Number 130
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Moving Aweigh is Popeye's 130th theatrical cartoon, released on September 22, 1944 by Famous Studios.


Popeye and Shorty help Olive move, but they get on the bad side of a stern policeman. Loading Olive's belongings into a truck does not go without incident for the sailors, often involving doing damage to the lawman's patrol car. When Popeye restrains Shorty for his clumsiness, this leads to Olive's things being dropped directly on top of the officer. Eventually, even the moving van lands atop him, which results in Olive and the boys making "home sweet home" out of a jail cell.

Voice cast


  • Olive Oyl does not have a speaking role in this cartoon. This could indicate that her voice actress at the time was unavailable.
  • Shorty's final appearance.
  • The Irish cop and some of the situations involving him are recycled from Cops Is Always Right (1938) but the design of the officer has changed; he is not a Mussolini-like thug as in the earlier title and is more like the stereotypical "Irish cop."
  • The cartoon's director, Dan Gordon, is uncredited. He had left Famous Studios at the time of its release.

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