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Morning, Noon and Night Club
Number 48
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The Twisker Pitcher
Lost and Foundry

Morning, Noon and Night Club is Popeye's 48th theatrical cartoon. It was produced by Fleischer Studios and released on June 18, 1937.


Bluto vandalizes several billboards advertising "Popito and Olivita"'s nightly dance at Wimpy's Cafe, until he reaches the Cafe just as the two stars arrive. Bluto asks Olive for a date, but she rejects him, so he plans on revenge. As the show begins in the Cafe, hamburger-eating presenter Wimpy announces Olive's song "Why Am I So Beautiful". The song is a success with the general audience, however, Bluto, sitting at a nearby table, heckles her. Then, "Popito and Olivita"'s long-awaited dance begins, and they dance expertly until Bluto throws ice cubes at their feet to make them slip. He next substitutes himself for the female dance partner, beginning a punch-and-kick-laced dance between him and Popeye. The sailor is eventually thrown to the tables, becoming unconscious, but is promptly revived and given a spinach can by Olive. Eating the vegetable causes him to go into the Cossack folk dance, allowing him to kick Bluto repeatedly, and finally beat him into submission.

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