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Me Feelins Is Hurt
Number 79
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Stealin Aint Honest
Onion Pacific

Me Feelins Is Hurt, released on April 12, 1940, is Popeye's 79th cartoon, from Fleischer Studios.


Olive writes a letter to Popeye: she is through with sailors; it is cowboys for her now. Popeye immediately sails off to the West, where he finds, who else, Bluto as the head of the ranch where Olive is enthralled. Bluto gives Popeye a wild horse to ride, and, after a few humiliating defeats, Popeye conquers it (and wins back Olive's heart). Bluto punches Popeye out, and into the clutches of what can best be described as a rattlesnake constrictor. Bluto then starts menacing Olive, so Popeye eats his spinach, saves her, and defeats Bluto and his gang.

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