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This article is about the ship. For the character, see Mary Ann.

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Mary Ann
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Popeye and Salty recount their horrid experience on the Ol' Mary Ann.
Aliases Ol' Mary Ann
Production Information
First appearance Thimble Theatre ("Plunder Island")

The Mary Ann was the ship Popeye and Bill Barnacle originally sailed on in their youth 20 years ago.

Character history

Creation and development in Thimble Theatre

The Mary Ann was created by E. C. Segar for the 1933 Thimble Theatre comic strip "Plunder Island". The Mary Ann herself has never been seen by the audience and was only mentioned as part of a horrid experience by Popeye and Bill Barnacle.


20 years ago

Over twenty years ago, when ships were wood and men were iron, a young Popeye sailed the seas with his trusted friend Bill Barnacle. On a dark night, their ship began rigging in an ominous and unusual tone not unlike the sound of bones and skeletons moving when suddenly the moon became blood red. The two horrified sailors could only look on in horror as they saw numerous indescribable beasts clinging to the side of the Mary Ann that were led by a sinister being. The next morning, the duo and their skipper found five of the crew missing with no trace of them left behind. All that is known is that their frightening encounter aboard the "Ol' Mary Ann" would forever remind them of the all-true horrors that exist within the seas.

Plunder Island

Twenty years later, Popeye and Bill Barnacle would reunite hoping to travel to the unexplored Plunder Island. But on the night of their reunion, they saw a mysterious creature with empty black eyes mysteriously appear and disappear in the hall of Popeye's restaurant. The mysterious presence of this creature immediately made the two wonder what sort of creature it was, with Popeye even wondering if it could be related to the horrific beasts that attacked the "Ol' Mary Ann" so long ago, much to both their revived fears. Their suspicions were soon confirmed when the moon turned blood red once again...