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Not to be confused with Tanks a Lot.

Many Tanks
Number 107
Olive Oyl and Water Don't Mix
Baby Wants a Bottleship

Many Tanks is Popeye's 107th theatrical short, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on June 12, 1942.


Bluto is an Army soldier attempting to shirk his duties and slip away from the base, but his superior officer stops him from doing so. Later, Bluto spies his "pal", Navy sailor Popeye, flowers in hand on his way to a date with Olive Oyl. Bluto invites him into the base to speak of his woes - only to forcibly exchange uniforms. As Bluto walks off with an undersized sailor suit and Popeye's flowers, the latter is caught up among numerous soldiers which are to board the base's many tanks to engage in maneuvers. The inexperienced "Army official" is unable to keep up with the exercise and suffers various mishaps during the following maneuvers, such as sinking into a pond and falling over a cliff, all the while trying to escape. After this, he proceeds to eat the spinach powder inside his flattened can. Growing more adept at tank riding, he uses the vehicle to run into the city, while followed by the other soldiers in their tanks. He arrives at Olive's home in time to save her from going out with Bluto, pulling the big guy into the tank to give him his uniform back - along with a beating - leaving him and the tank to the arriving, angered soldiers.

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