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Love Birds
Season 1, Episode 5
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"Love Birds" is a 1961 episode of Popeye the Sailor.


Olive Oyl is relaxing in the beautiful springtime. She sees that her bird Juliet is very lonely, so she calls Popeye to find a lovemate for her. The sailor goes to a pet store whose owner has the face of a monkey, sees a blue bird and buys it. Popeye names the bird 'Romeo'. He puts him in the cage, but Juliet gets mad at Romeo, causing him to fly away. Olive blames Popeye for causing this, and if he does not find Romeo, she will never speak to him again in her life. Popeye walks the streets to find Romeo, but the latter flies away and is chased by a big bird. Popeye eats his spinach and takes care of the big bird, however, he becomes sad as Romeo is gone and Olive will have nothing to do with him. He is happy to see Romeo again and takes him back home, but Juliet yells at Romeo. So Popeye feeds the little bird some spinach, so he can make Juliet fall in love with him.


  • This episode first aired March 31, 1961
  • Directed by Seymour Kneitel
  • This is one of 63 episodes produced by Paramount Cartoon Studios for the Popeye the Sailor TV series.
  • This episode is available from Warner Archive on the Popeye the Sailor The 1960s Classics Volume One DVD set.


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