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Lost and Foundry
Number 49
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I Never Changes My Altitude

Lost and Foundry is Popeye's 49th theatrical cartoon, animated by Fleischer Studios, which was released on July 16, 1937.


Popeye is employed at Useless Machine Works. As the workers leave for lunch and the sailor prepares to eat outside the factory, he sees Olive Oyl pass by along with Swee'Pea in his carriage. Popeye offers to share his abundant vittles with her, but he soon has to run to stop Swee'Pea from wandering into the dangerous factory. When Swee'Pea slips away a second time, Popeye has to give chase as the boy scurries near dangerous machinery such as drills, circular saws and gears. The worried Olive also enters the factory, and her feet become caught in a machine that would soon crush her, so Popeye attempts to save her too only to lose his spinach can and become trapped as well. It is Swee'Pea who finds the spinach, eating it and gaining super strength, which allows him to rescue both Olive and Popeye.


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