Little Swee'Pea

Little Swee'Pea
Number 38
Popeye Strolling Sweepea.png
Never Kick a Woman
Hold the Wire

Little Swee'Pea is Popeye's 38th theatrical cartoon, released on September 25, 1936 by Fleischer Studios.


Popeye goes to visit Olive Oyl and, while she answers the door, Swee'Pea crawls out. Popeye volunteers to take him out. At the zoo, the baby escapes from his carriage and enters the elephant's cage, then the crocodile's and finally the hippopotamus's. While he is unharmed by the animals, Popeye, following him, is beaten and bitten by them until he gets out his spinach can, defeating the hippopotamus and getting a leopard-riding Swee'Pea back home. Swee'Pea is then scared by Popeye's toy monkey and begins to cry, prompting Olive to hit the sailor with a broom.

Color remake

Little Swee'Pea was remade by Famous Studios in 1950 as Baby Wants Spinach.

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