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Let's Get Movin'
Number 36
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Never Kick a Woman

Let's Get Movin' is Popeye's 36th theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released in 1936.


In her apartment, Olive Oyl is singing excitedly about moving to a new place as she folds her clothes with some help from a vacuum cleaner. When Popeye comes to help her move, she laughs and says that she has hired a strong man to do the job: Bluto. The mover soon arrives, flirting with Olive and rudely taking away the furniture currently in use by Popeye. When Popeye argues that he could do the job as well, the two men enter a competition: the sailor carries various things at once, and the mover proceeds to do the same; Popeye then throws the piano out the window only to catch it on the street below, to Bluto's ire, and the latter begins tossing much of Olive's stuff out - to be effortlessly caught by his rival. Bluto turns to attacking Popeye, trapping him in furniture such as a folding table, and a cupboard containing a spinach can. Eating the vegetable allows our hero to get free, punch his rival into woman's clothing and follow with several attacks culminating with a good serving of coal while inside a stove. Olive and Popeye then walk along as he sings a variation of his song about his moving prowess.

Color remake

Let's Get Movin' was remade by Famous Studios in 1956 as A Haul in One.

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