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Let's Celebrake
Number 56
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Let's Celebrake is Popeye's 56th theatrical cartoon, from Fleischer Studios, released on January 21, 1938.


It is New Year's Eve and the tuxedoed Popeye and Bluto are very friendly, singing as they ride a two-horse sleigh towards Olive Oyl's house. Olive's hard-of-hearing grandmother lets them in, and Olive soon comes down in a festive and revealing dress. As the threesome prepare to go out to celebrate, Popeye is moved by the sight of Olive's grandma left alone to knit on such a night, so he invites her along as his date. The four arrive at the fancy Happy Hour Club where, while they wait for their dinner to arrive, Bluto grabs Olive to take her to the dance floor. Popeye invites Grandma for a dance too, doing most of the moves for both of them. J. Wellington Wimpy soon announces a dance contest with a trophy as the prize and, when waiter Oscar brings a spinach can along with the turkey, Popeye shares the invigorating greens with the old lady to both engage in an awesome display of dancing prowess. All other contestants move over to witness the spectacular moves - which even include some from "The Sailor's Hornpipe". Popeye and the old lady are handed the trophy without hesitation, then, New Year arrives.

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