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Jetoe in his human/hammer form
Species Martian
Gender Male
Occupation Martian Heavyweight Champion
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Residence Mars
Production Information
First Appearance "Interplanetary Battle!"

Jetoe was the Martian Champion who traveled to Earth to battle Popeye in hopes of destroying him in a boxing match. Although he resembles a goofy-looking, hick-like human and is shorter and skinnier than Popeye, he is a mighty shapeshifter whose advanced skills made him the strongest Martian on Mars.

Character history

Creation and development

Jetoe was created by Bud Sagendorf in 1952 for the 21st issue of the comic book Popeye. He was featured in the issue's second story, "Interplanetary Battle!".


"Interplanetary Battle"

After a radio broadcast from Earth reaches the planet Mars, boasting Popeye's mighty boxing skills, the Martians send down their own mighty champion Jetoe in hopes of tearing the strong sailor to pieces in a boxing match. The Martian's powerful shapeshifting abilities prove most effective against Popeye, especially the molding of his hands into weapons. But when Popeye is sent flying by a punch into a spinach patch, he is able to heal and regain his stamina, and pummels Jetoe until the latter begs for mercy. This pleas are but a ruse, however, and Jetoe quickly gets back to his feet and eats spinach in hopes of using it to empower himself and destroy Popeye. Instead of becoming mighty, though, his powers go haywire when he tries to transform into a Martian lion and he becomes a helpless little kitty, subsequently remaining trapped in that form for good due to spinach being harmful to Martians.

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