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It's the Natural Thing to Do
Number 74
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It's the Natural Thing to Do (Fleischer Studios, 1939) is Popeye's 74th theatrical cartoon.


Popeye and Bluto are having one of their brawls outside Olive Oyl's house when she receives a telegram. She goes to show it to the fighters and has to ring a bell to cause them to stop their sparring. The message says, "[...]We like your pictures but wish you would cut out the rough stuff once in a while and act more refined - be ladies and gentlemen - that's the natural thing to do" Signed, the Popeye Fan Club. The men seem confused, but Olive explains that all they are supposed to do is act like gentlemen. Next time we see Popeye and Bluto, they are wearing tuxedoes, calmly walking towards Olive's house and politely agreeing to ring her doorbell. Inside, she awaits in an elegant dress. They kiss her hands and do an elegant dance before taking a seat. Olive examines her etiquette book before hitting a small gong for a maid to come serve coffee and various vittles. The three struggle with the numerous dishes so it is decided they will make some nice conversation instead. Expectedly, difficult words are a difficult subject to them.

Boredom sets in for the evening, until Popeye begins to laugh at their situation. Bluto is tempted to laugh as well, and he adds the occassional punch to the laughter. Soon, they are both joyfully striking each other, with Olive joining the fun, tearing her book in half and even getting into the fight at times. Bluto throws Popeye a can of spinach so the action can get rougher, and the cartoon ends with the three uncivilized individuals enjoying their natural state.

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