Insect to Injury
Number 222
Popeye Spies Some Bugs
Assault and Flattery
Parlez Vous Woo
Insect to Injury is Popeye's 222nd theatrical cartoon, released by Famous Studios on August 10, 1956.


Popeye has just finished his house when a band of termites attacks. He traps them in a metal garbage can, but they soon escape and launch a new attack, consuming his picket fence. He comes after them with a garden roller; they run over a bridge, then double back and eat the bridge. Popeye still manages to beat them to the house, where he builds a moat and fills it with water. They are briefly thwarted, then use a can as a boat. They enter the house and start attacking furniture, then the house itself. Their job complete and bellies full, they rest long enough for Popeye to eat his spinach and rebuild his house (and his pipe) in steel.


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