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I Yam Love Sick
Number 60
Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh
Plumbing Is a 'Pipe'

I Yam Love Sick is Popeye's 60th cartoon, released on May 29, 1938 and produced by Fleischer Studios.


Olive keeps reading her Love Stories book and tells Popeye that Bluto is her new boyfriend, so the sailor pretends to fall very ill. Olive calls an ambulance and soon the two are brought to the hospital, where Popeye's tricks to fool the doctors are only too successful. Eventually, he is taken to the operating theater where several identical doctors conclude that there is nothing left to be done for him. Even after being fed spinach by Olive he appears to die, but then confesses that he was faking to find out if she really loved him. Olive starts to hit him.

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