I Wanna Be a Life Guard
Number 35
Popeye the Lifeguard.png
What -- No Spinach?
Let's Get Movin'

I Wanna Be a Life Guard (1936) is the 35th Fleischer Studios Popeye cartoon.


Passing by a swimming pool where a lifeguard is wanted, Popeye spies the not-quite-graceful Olive Oyl diving and decides to apply for the job. Unfortunately, Bluto has the same intentions. Inside, J. Wellington Wimpy greets them and they sing about their aptitude as prospective lifeguards. Wimpy suggests a demonstration so they don their swimming outfits, as they continue to sing, then take a swim. Popeye's pipe-assisted speed gain's the concurrence's favor. Bluto then takes a dive, but Popeye dives from so high he has enough time to relight his pipe. Tired of being one-upped, Bluto resorts to violence, punching the superior rival under the water and following with more strikes until needing to come up for air. Popeye is left tied up, but he whistles to summon his spinach can. The tables are soon turned, with Popeye now repaying the underwater attacks as he now swims like an octopus. The big bully is soundly beaten and Popeye ends the lifeguard song as he begins work by pumping the water out of the nearly-drowned Bluto.


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