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I Never Changes My Altitude
Number 50
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Lost and Foundry
I Likes Babies and Infinks

I Never Changes My Altitude is Popeye's 50th theatrical cartoon. It was produced by Fleischer Studios and released on August 20, 1937.


Having owned a diner next to the Hot Air-Port, Olive Oyl has flown away with an aviator and left Popeye. But the abusive Bluto has her paint his airplane mid-flight and, dissatisfied with her work, would have her fall to her doom. Seeing this, Popeye gets on a nearby one-seater plane and saves the plummeting Olive by giving her an umbrella to slow her fall, while he goes to fight Bluto. During the scuffle, however, the latter gains the upper hand and ends up totally destroying the sailor's craft. Falling, Popeye hangs on to a passing duck and shares his spinach with it, enabling him to fly back up reinvigorated and take over his enemy's vehicle. After the latter is left hanging, Popeye goes to pick up Olive.

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