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I Likes Babies and Infinks
Number 51
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I Never Changes My Altitude
The Football Toucher Downer

I Likes Babies and Infinks is the 51st Popeye cartoon from Fleischer Studios, released on September 17, 1937.


Swee'Pea is crying uncontrollably, and Olive's every attempt to pacify him fails. He calls upon Popeye to help, who lives in an apartment above her own. Bluto, who lives in a higher one still, overhears this and climbs down the outside of the building, saying to Olive that making babies laugh is his specialty. Both men take turns trying to cheer up the boy, making funny faces, acting out animals and engaging in pantomime, but the child keeps on crying. The competing "child experts" eventually start hitting each other in their attempt to amuse him, which devolves into actual fighting. Bluto goes on to throw Popeye in a barrel of flour, amass him and bake him into a cake in the oven. He later freezes him in an ice block, and Bluto punches Piopeye like a punching bag Having had enough, Popeye reaches for a spinach can sitting on a shelf but instead grabs one of onions. The fumes from the opened can cause both men to begin crying, and they are joined by Olive. The sight of the three's pathetic weeping amuses Swee'Pea, and he laughs heartily.

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