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I Eats My Spinach
Number 3
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Blow Me Down!
Seasin's Greetinks!

I Eats My Spinach, Popeye's third theatrical short from Fleischer Studios, was released on November 17, 1933.


Popeye sings his theme song in full as he walks towards Olive Oyl's home, undisturbed by either brawling men or machinery in his path. He then throws a rock at Olive's apartment window in order to invite her to the rodeo. At the stadium, after Olive lets her boyfriend reuse her ticket, they witness "the Great Bluto"'s agile Fancy Horsemanship demonstration - which even includes him dividing his horse into three smaller ones. Popeye also makes a horse riding demonstration himself, and the equally fanciful feats amaze the audience. The next event is Steer Wrestling, at which Bluto is not so adept, but Popeye and the animal engage in various pro wrestling moves until the latter surrenders. After this, a fierce bull escapes from its pen and Bluto attempts to rope it only to end up tied. While Popeye uses his matador moves on the animal, Bluto takes the chance to lasso Olive for himself. This devolves into a dame-brute-sailor-bull chase out of the stadium, culminating in a tussle between all but the animal, that ends swiftly after Popeye eats his spinach. Then, the bull charges against him and his girlfriend, but is turned into a whole meat market by a single mighty punch.


  • First cartoon to feature Mae Questel as the voice of Olive Oyl.


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