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"I Bin Sculped" is a 1960 television episode of Popeye the Sailor.


Olive carves a "Model Wanted" sign for her Statue Studio, and Popeye and Brutus fight for the job. Olive indicates that she needs a weak rather than strong man, for her piece entitled "Pooped". Popeye gets the idea to lie on a stemroller's path, but Brutus sabotages him. Then the sailor breaks his rival's fall from a skycraper, followed by an attempt to enrage a bull, then to jump from an airplane. The last one leaves Brutus on the floor (with Popeye under him) but the sailor feeds him some spinach to revive him and get pummeled himself to become Olive's perfect model.


  • This episode has many similarities to the theatrical cartoon Hospitaliky and its remake, For Better or Nurse.
  • This episode first aired September 15, 1960
  • Directed by Bob Bemiller
  • This is one of 10 episodes produced by Gerald Ray Studios for the Popeye The Sailor TV series.
  • This episode is available from Warner Archive on the Popeye the Sailor The 1960s Classics Volume One DVD set.


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