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I'll Be Skiing Ya
Number 146
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Abusement Park
Popeye and the Pirates

I'll Be Skiing Ya is Popeye's 146th theatrical cartoon, released by Famous Studios on June 13, 1947.


Popeye and Olive visit a ski resort at Lake Plastered, New York, to go skating over the frozen lake. Olive protests that she has never skated before (disregarding the earlier Fleischer Studios short A Date to Skate). She proves much less skilled or graceful than her boyfriend and is noticed by the skating instructor, Bluto, whose howls of admiration attract a female wolf that lovingly kisses him. Meanwhile, the clumsy Olive is fed up with her sailor beau's superior displays and she berates him. Bluto takes the opportunity to offer his services as Popeye is swept aside into a hole in the ice, despite his protests.

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Being gently led by Bluto, Olive does not notice they are riding up the ski lift until she becomes trapped at the top tower with the instructor that now demands her kiss. Her screaming for help prompts Popeye to escape the hole and ride another lift, however, the power is cut by the kidnapper. Popeye uses his pipe as a blowtorch to snap the wire in two and swing to the tower. As a brawl erupts between the two men, the nervously-watching Ms. Oyl is inadvertedly punched by Bluto and slides down the slope after getting a pair of skis on her feet. Bluto dons another pair and chases down after her, while Popeye does the same with two boards attached to his shoes. Olive slides out of control and ends up chased by a giant snowball while the two men fight and try to stop each other, until Bluto traps his sailor rival over a crack by his skis, upside down.

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A Saint Bernard first-aid dog watches the situation. He races to save Popeye, bringing not a keg of liquor but a spinach can, and helpfully feeds the trapped hero. Popeye then breaks free and saves Olive from the snowball just before it crashes against a brick wall. The couple are now faced by the club-wielding Bluto, who is then punched with such force that it sends him flying all the way to sunny Florida. He is only happy to meet the bikinied beauties sunbathing there, and howls again. The female wolf then reappears and kisses him one last time.


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