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House Tricks?
Number 137
Mess Production
Service with a Guile

House Tricks? is Popeye's 137th theatrical cartoon, released on March 15, 1946 by Famous Studios.


Sailors Popeye and Bluto walk by Olive, who is attempting to build her new house from the ground up. After rescuing her from wet cement, they separately offer to help her, since it is not a job fit for a woman. After they begin fighting and attempting to demonstrate building prowess, Olive suggests each build one half of the house. Popeye constructs a solid-looking building while Bluto's half looks haphazardly made. Still, the latter repeatedly attempts to sabotage his "friend", causing him to fall over a cliffside while inside a bathtub, or making him land atop Olive. His side finished, Popeye offers Bluto a handshake but the latter attacks his rival, leaving him trapped in a lead pipe. He promptly eats his spinach, blowtorching himself free and finishing the whole house using Bluto's attempts at fighting back as unwitting help. The big bully ends up making use of the newly-built doghouse. When Popeye closes the brand-new house's door, as he is about to receive a reward kiss from Olive, the building collapses to debris around them. This does not bother the two, who continue to kiss under a steamy shower.


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