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Hot Air Aces
Number 163
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Lumberjack and Jill
A Balmy Swami

Hot Air Aces is the 163rd Popeye theatrical cartoon, produced by Famous Studios and released on June 24, 1949.


Despite the title, the vehicles here are airplanes, not balloons. Bluto and Popeye are racing around the world; Bluto owns a sort of rocket plane, while Popeye has a sad old prop model that has to be hand-started. He gets off to a bad start, as Bluto spins the prop, getting Popeye tangled up in it. This knocks him out; Olive puts him into his plane and gives him a push, and Popeye wakes up in the nick of time. As Bluto stops off at the Eiffel Tower to woo a maiden, Popeye passes him with some help from a lightning bolt. Bluto catches up again and removes Popeye's engine. The plane crashes into the ocean, but fortunately there is a case of spinach and a giant magnet nearby, so Popeye rebuilds the plane, using spinach cans to replace the missing pistons, and wins the race, as his spinach exhaust fries Bluto's craft.

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