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Hospitaliky is Popeye's 46th theatrical cartoon, released by Fleischer Studios on April 16, 1937.


Nurse Olive strolls down the street, with Popeye and Bluto in tow. When she enters her hospital, first Bluto then Popeye pretend to be sick in order to be allowed in with her. Olive almost takes the latter inside, but his rival intervenes. They argue until Nurse Olive insists they would have to be "very sick, or hurt real bad" to enter.

Both race their separate ways. Bluto tries to be squashed by a falling safe while Popeye walks into heavy traffic, but they both fail to sustain injury.

Several other attempts are foiled: firemen catch Popeye with their life net after he jumps from a plane; stretcher-bearers pick up Bluto's motorcycle wreckage instead of him after he drives into a wall; the sailor gets interested by a sign on a fence that says "KEEP OUT - dangerous BULL!" and enters the pasture to take the 'horns by the bull', with the beast failing its charge miserably as it explodes itself on contact with the sailor's head; and Bluto makes his car crash down a cliff only to be saved by a branch, twice.

They finally face off after Bluto displaces Popeye from his spot over railroad tracks, with their ensuing struggle saving them both from the train, at which point Popeye brings out his spinach, only to feed it to his rival and be variously injured by his suddenly overpowered foe. The triumphant Popeye ends up wrapped in bandages and tended to by Olive as Bluto spies on in envy.

Color remake

Hospitaliky was remade by Famous Studios in 1945 as For Better or Nurse.


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