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Her Honor the Mare
Number 123
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Created in 1943 by Famous Studios, Her Honor the Mare is Popeye's first standard cartoon to be produced in color and the 123rd in the overall series. While Fleischer Studios produced three color Popeye films in the 1930s, those were double-length Color Specials as opposed to standard cartoons.


A frail horse is even rejected by the glue factory, but is found by Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye, who become interested in it. As they wonder if the animal can do tricks, it tries imitating a dog. They bring it home where they ask Popeye if they can keep it in the house, but the sailor is not amused by the horse's doglike attitude and takes it outside. The boys get an I-D-E-A in unison: they disguise the animal's behind as a painter's face to allow them to haul it up to the second floor. Inside, they bathe and feed the animal while keeping it hidden from Popeye. Yet giving the horse horseradish to eat sends it into a frenzy and it is soon discovered by Popeye. The sailor then makes several futile attempts to get the boys' pet out, but desists when it is revealed that the mare was in fact in the family way and now she and her young must be kept home.


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