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Hello How Am I
Number 73
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It's the Natural Thing to Do

Hello How Am I is Popeye's 73rd theatrical cartoon, released on July 14, 1939 by Fleischer Studios.


Popeye and J. Wellington Wimpy share an apartment and are sleeping in their beds when the phone rings. Popeye takes the call, it is Olive Oyl who invites him to a hamburger dinner. Popeye says goodbye to Wimpy, who is seemingly still in bed, but is later revealed to have tucked a pillow in his place.

As Popeye strolls across the street, he is joined by an exact duplicate of his - who, unbeknownst to him, is Wimpy in disguise wearing sailor clothes and a lifelike Popeye mask. The impostor keeps repeating "I'm Popeye!" and the real Sailorman, after his initial surprise, tries to reason with him that there can only be one such hero, with the other simply but categorically retorting, "I'm Popeye!".

The two finally reach Olive's house, and she is dismayed. However, she chooses the sweet-talking, fake sailor over the real, pensive Popeye. He remains outside trying to solve the identity conundrum while his double steps in with Olive and is fed countless hamburgers. Suddenly, Popeye bursts in, having reasoned that no one could be as strong as the real Popeye, and dares the impostor to take a hit. The clone sneakily breaks the table and chairs on Popeye's head and the hero is thus left on the floor. Before going away to bring more hamburgers, Olive reasserts her belief that the wrong Popeye is the real one. Popeye eats his spinach at this point and, after receiving a punch, Wimpy bursts out of his disguise then proceeds to run away while Popeye sings his song.


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