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Gym Jam
Number 170
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How Green Is My Spinach
Beach Peach

Gym Jam is Famous Studios' color remake of Fleischer's Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky (1936), released in 1950 as the 170th Popeye cartoon.


Olive Oyl is made to run after her instructor's bicycle, for it is "Ladies Day" at Popeye's Gym. Bluto watches her run by and becomes fixated on the would-be athletic beauty; he snatches Olive away to demand a kiss, but she is horrified, not at all attracted to the big brute in this cartoon. After she is saved by Popeye and brought to the gym, Bluto follows along and gets an idea upon seeing that only women are allowed for the day: he comes out of the dressing room having shaved his beard, wearing a blonde wig, woman's gym clothes and abundant lipstick.

Popeye is eager to service the big-bodied "lady" while leaving Olive to work the punching bag - with which she becomes entangled, preventing her from acting on her dislike of the newcomer's interactions with Popeye. Meanwhile, the gym owner's physical demonstrations are repeatedly outdone by the burly debutante, even resulting in bodily harm to the teacher. When he ends up with a bandaged foot, it is further crushed under a weight, when Popeye catches Bluto out of his wig. The sailor is then put into a steam cabinet that slowly cooks him, his spinach can out of reach. Bluto now chases Olive through the upper reaches of the gym, to finally catch her and rain down lipsticky kisses upon his disheveled victim. Yet Popeye is shrunk enough by the steam to escape his containment and dives into his nearby spinach can. Recovered, he bashes the predator into the shape of a dumb-bell, and then takes his turn at being showered with kisses by Olive.


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