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Ghosks Is the Bunk
Number 72
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Ghosks Is the Bunk (1939) is Popeye's 72nd theatrical short, from Fleischer Studios.


Olive Oyl is reading ghost stories to Bluto and Popeye. When the latter reacts in fear to a noise, the other two laugh at him, yet Popeye insists he knows there is no such thing as ghosts. This gives Bluto an idea: he excuses himself, runs to a ruined hotel to set up various tricks and telephones to Olive's house, faking a call for help. When the sailor and the dame arrive at the hotel, they are greeted by disembodied voices and floating objects, with Bluto pulling the strings above them. After suffering a bodiless bellboy and trick stairs, the two spy on Bluto laughing and decide to turn the tables on him. They make him slide down his own shifty staircase, and also coat themselves with invisible paint to give him a ghostly beating - yet Bluto is able to strike back at the invisible Popeye, until the "ghost" sailor downs the contents of his spinach can for a tougher beating, leading the big bully to crash through the wall and run away. After removing his paint cover, Popeye feels a hit and punches the invisible entity, with the paint remover revealing it to be Olive. Furious, she chases Popeye out the wall, punching him along the way.

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