Frozen Feuds

Frozen Feuds
Season 2, Episode 8
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"Frozen Feuds" is a 1960 episode of Popeye the Sailor.


Alaska's senator promises to rid the state of a wandering monster: Alice the Goon. He is in an Alaskan saloon where Olive sings, with Popeye, Wimpy and Oscar in attendance. The sailor is given the task to find the terrible Goon just as Alice looks from out the window, and becomes infatuated with him. After Olive spots her, Popeye goes out searching, and Alice only wants to be found. The sailor ends up running away from the lovelorn giantess, until she catches him in her arms. As it turns out, he can understand her language, and makes a deal with her. He tells her she can watch him on TV, while he brings back her hat, and gives it to Olive.


  • The thick hair on Alice's limbs is absent in this show. Her arms are much less hairy, and she wears boots that cover her lower legs. The episode also seems to indicate that she originally wore her dress and flowered hat in the wild, contrary to the comics.
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