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Fowl Play
Number 55
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Fowl Play (1937) is Popeye's 55th cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios.


Popeye walks to Olive Oyl's home carrying a cage with a pipe-smoking parrot that sings "I'm Popeye The Sailor Man" along with him. Popeye leaves the bird on Olive's doorstep and hides. When Olive finds the parrot, Polly sings her a romantic sea shanty and even dances the Hornpipe. A note attached reads "When I leaves ya an goes ta sea I hopes dis parrot reminds ya of me - Love Popeye". As his girl becomes enamored with the bird, Popeye prepares to leave but then notices Bluto arriving to bring Olive a couple of withered flowers. Peeking through her window, Bluto teases Olive about the "dumb-looking boid" and, when she is not looking, the parrot notices murderous intent in the big man's eyes and is pushed out of its cage. Popeye confronts Bluto to order him to bring the bird down from a tree, which Bluto is happy to attempt - with an axe. Olive faints as she sees the bully chop the tree in half and prepare to do the same to Polly. Popeye stops him and a fight erupts, causing Olive to faint again. The parrot does commentary on the brawl, in which Popeye is being pummeled until he consumes his spinach and confines Bluto to a birdcage of his own. Olive, who had gotten on the roof to retrieve the bird, faints again as she sees Polly fall into the chimney, but is gently caught by her sailor boyfriend. The two find the parrot has safely entered its cage again and reprises its version of "I'm Popeye The Sailor Man".

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