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Four Color #17, the first issue headlined by Popeye (and Wimpy)

Four Color or Four Color Comics or One Shots is a long-running American comic book series, with a total 1,354 issues released by Dell Publishing between 1939 and 1962. Unlike other such publications, Four Color always lent its cover title to established properties and characters adapted from film, television, radio, and even newspaper comic strips. Classics such as the Lone Ranger, Bugs Bunny, Flash Gordon or the many Walt Disney characters were only a few of the series' various subjects. Issue #17 was the first to have Popeye as the titular character, together with Wimpy. Issues #26, #43, #113, #127, #145 and #168 were billed as Popeye comics - with #70 again as "Popeye and Wimpy". Although the Popeye editions began by reprinting Thimble Theatre newspaper strips, they switched to all-new material, authored by Bud Sagendorf, with issue #113 and for a further three Popeye books until Dell began the character's own long-running series. The only exception was a single issue (#219) with Swee'Pea as the title character, published after the Popeye series' launch.


Four Color #17 (Popeye and Wimpy):
Four Color #26 (Popeye):
  • Reprinted from Thimble Theatre strips 1935-1939
Four Color #43 (Popeye):
  • Reprinted from Thimble Theatre strips 1938-1942
Four Color #70 (Popeye and Wimpy):
  • Reprinted from Thimble Theatre strips 1940-1943
Four Color #113 (Popeye):
  • Four Color #113, the first issue with new material by Sagendorf

    Chart showing the travels of Popeye the Sailor in the story "Queen Olive" starring Popeye.
  • Queen Olive starring Popeye and Olive.
  • Nobody Loves Me, or, The Lonely Sailor Man starring Popeye.
  • Fish Trick starring Popeye.
  • Special Delivery starring Popeye.
Four Color #127 (Popeye):
  • Cats and Mice starring Popeye.
  • My Kingdom For a Horsh, or, It's Too Far To Walk starring Popeye.
  • Two-To-One, or, Fifty Thousand Bucks Fer Two! starring Popeye.
  • Mistake in Identity starring Popeye.
  • Eat Your Spinach! starring Popeye.
Four Color #145 (Popeye):
  • Get out of my restaurant... starring Popeye.
  • Outdoor Boy, or, Please Let Me In the House! starring Popeye.
  • Big Blow, or, A Big Wind Is Just a Breeze If Ya Ain't Got a Mast Fer Yer Sail! starring Popeye.
  • No, Wimpy! starring Popeye.
  • Popeye, I bought Swee'Pea a new... starring Popeye.
Four Color #168 (Popeye):
  • Blow me down! It's that swab... starring Popeye.
  • Microbe Battle, or, A New Champ of the Slap Swappers starring Popeye and Swee'Pea.
  • Water Hole, or, Kin Ya Spare a Couple of Thousand Fer a Cup of Water? starring Popeye and Olive Oyl.
  • Fish Bait starring Popeye.
  • Haw haw! Here comes a little kid! starring Popeye.
  • Swee'Pea and Ball starring Popeye.
Four Color #219 (Swee'Pea):
  • Fishing in the City Aquarium starring Swee'Pea.
  • Emperor Size! starring Swee'Pea.
  • Swee'Pea and Ethel starring Swee'Pea.
  • The Challenger!, or, All Knocking Isn't Caused by Opportunity!! starring Swee'Pea.
  • Swee'Pea's New Friend starring Swee'Pea.
  • The Stubborn Apple starring Swee'Pea.