Not to be confused with For Better or Nurse.

For Better or Worser
Number 23
Choose Your 'Weppins'
Dizzy Divers

For Better or Worser (1935) is the 23rd Fleischer Studios Popeye cartoon.


Popeye, in his bachelor apartment, is trying to cook dinner, with disastrous results. He finally exclaims "It's no use, I hafta get me a wife" and sets off to the nearby Matrimonial Agency. The clerk (Oscar) tells him to choose from a selection of pictures and Popeye, at the same time as another customer (Bluto), picks the photo of candidate No. 13, whom is only pictured from the back. Upstairs, the brides-to-be await. Number 13 (Olive Oyl) is elated to hear she has been chosen and applies heavy makeup and fake eyelashes, coming down with a veil over her face. Each of the potential grooms tries to take her his way, which results in a tug of war and Bluto running off with her. When Popeye catches up, a struggle ends with the dame in his custody, yet the tables are turned once again with Bluto coming down on his sailor rival with a string of punches and leaving him encased in concrete. Bluto then takes the bride to the Justice of the Peace, none other than the hamburger-hoarding J. Wellington Wimpy. Popeye, freed from the concrete but left in bad shape, arrives before the couple can be married. Eating his spinach allows him to pummel his competitor and trap him in a desk. Now about to be married to Olive, Popeye exclaims "I do NOT!" upon seeing her garishly made-up face. He runs back to his bachelor place to continue to prepare a mess of food.

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