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Not to be confused with For Better or Worser.

For Better or Nurse
Number 135
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Shape Ahoy
Mess Production

For Better or Nurse is the color remake of Fleischer Studios' Hospitaliky (1937), released by Famous Studios in 1945 as the 135th Popeye cartoon.


Popeye and Bluto, here U. S. Navy sailors working at the dock, become distracted -- and enchanted -- by the lovely Nurse Olive passing by. They follow her to the hospital where she works, but she shows them out, as they are not allowed in.

Both sailors go to great lengths to try and injure themselves so they can enjoy the beautiful nurse's ministrations, yet their various attempts, such as braving a steamroller or jumping off a skyscraper, fail due to unforeseen circumstances. Popeye boards a small plane and saws its wings off in order to crash, however, the wrecked airplane is picked up by the ambulance instead of him. As Bluto lies down upon railroad tracks, Popeye meets up with him and their struggle ends with them punching each other out of the train's way. At this point Popeye gets the idea to force-feed Bluto his spinach, which further empowers the much-bigger sailor.

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The sudden burst of strength causes Bluto to uncontrollably attack his overjoyed rival, pummeling the latter until he is ready to be covered in bandages and carried off by Nurse Olive... to be thrown into a garbage can outside the hospital which, as Olive angrily points out to him and the eavesdropping Bluto, is a "Cat and Dog Hospital". This causes both of the gents to snap and behave like a dog and a cat. The cartoon ends uncharacteristically with both rivals losing and being taken away to "Happy Valley Screwball Institute".

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