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Flies Ain't Human
Number 94
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Flies Ain't Human (released on April 4, 1941) is Popeye's 94th theatrical cartoon, from Fleischer Studios.


As Popeye prepares to take a nap, a group of flies disturb his sleep by landing on his bald head. He uses his pipe to blow them out the window, yet the last fly remains and gets to work on teasing the sleeping sailor. It tickles his nose and shouts in his ear until it wakes him. Popeye sucks the insect into his pipe then throws it towards the kitchen - where it falls into a spinach can, getting strong after consuming some of the leftover vegetable. It then launches an energized attack on the sailor, giving him a hot foot, hitting him with his own fly swatter and dropping things onto his head, such as a tea cup, a lightbulb and a chair. Popeye sets a trap for the bug using sugar, only to end up trapped in a painting himself. Finally, he grabs a shotgun and begins to fire away at the insect until his house is left full of holes. However, when he prepares to go to sleep again, a whole party of flies is able to enter the ruined house. Instead of becoming very enraged, Popeye became saddened.

Color remake

Flies Ain't Human was remade by Famous Studios in 1949 as The Fly's Last Flight.

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