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Fightin Pals
Number 83
Wimmin Is a Myskery
Doing Impossikible Stunts

Fightin Pals is Popeye's 83rd theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios in 1940.


As Dr. Bluto's African Expedition is about to depart, the doctor is sent off by his good friend the sailor, Popeye, with some friendly fisticuffs. Some time after the expeditionary ship has sailed, with Popeye missing his friend dearly, a news broadcast announces that Dr. Bluto has gone missing in darkest Africa. Popeye travels to the faraway continent on a small boat to attempt to rescue the lost scientist, soon finding clues such as Bluto's shoe and (after contending with a rhinoceros) a message from the doctor himself found in the belly of a lion, which Popeye also dispatches not without a fight. Entering darkest Africa, Popeye now must deal with a teasing elephant, whose trunk he promptly disables. Popeye treads on, eventually growing weak and running out of water, pants and shirt half torn off. By imagining Dr. Bluto assaulted by savage beasts, he manages to drag himself forward - until he passes out. Right before he does, he faintly sees the real Bluto: the good doctor is being tended to by three native women. Dr. Bluto sees his friend in his dire state and produces the one thing that would help him recover: spinach. Re-invigorated, Popeye says, "Dr. Bluto, I presume?" and is politely welcomed by the latter. His strength returned, Popeye engages his good friend in their favorite pastime: a fist fight.

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