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Females Is Fickle
Number 77
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Shakespearean Spinach
Stealin Aint Honest

Released on March 8, 1940, Females Is Fickle is Popeye's 77th cartoon, from Fleischer Studios.


Olive's goldfish jumps out of its bowl and into the sea from Popeye's ship, so Olive makes the sailor go swimming after it. Following a lengthy underwater chase, both fish and sailor are swallowed up by a giant jellyfish. Inside it, Popeye devours his spinach as the jellyfish chases the escaping goldfish, and the beast is soon turned into jelly. Popeye returns Olive's pet after similarly dealing with other marine beasts but, seeing how sad the little fish is, Olive releases it back into the ocean. Popeye then puts her in a lifesaver and also leaves her in the water.

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