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"Egypt Us" is a 1960 episode of Popeye the Sailor.


Popeye, Olive Oyl and Wimpy are on an outing to Coney Island. They have taken a wrong turn and wind up in the Sahara Desert, where Popeye’s car breaks down.  Olive mistakes the Sphinx for a funhouse, and wants to go for a swim on the "beach" in her turn-of-the-century swimgear, while Wimpy wants to break out their picnic lunch of hamburgers.  When Popeye asks Wimpy how long it will take to cook them, Wimpy sets up a portable barbecue grill and cooks them instantly. As Popeye leaves to find Olive, who has wandered off, he makes Wimpy promise not to eat the burgers until he and Olive return.

Olive wanders into a pyramid as Popeye, while searching for her, is captured by Egyptian "savages." When Popeye is brought to the pyramid, he finds out that Olive has been made a "High Priestess" by the natives and does not want to leave. In between his attempts to rescue Olive,  Popeye rushes back and forth to check on Wimpy, who is getting more and more anxious to eat the hamburgers.  When the sailor learns that the natives want to sacrifice Olive, he rescues her, turning into a human bowling ball after eating a can of spinach and causing the natives to become hieroglyphs embedded in the wall of the pyramid from his smashing into them.  

After rescuing Olive, Popeye realizes that he has left Wimpy alone with their lunch for too long. Popeye hurriedly drags Olive back to their camp, saying "I just hope we're not too--uh oh!"  To their dismay, they find Wimpy, with a bloated belly, having eaten all of the hamburgers.  Wimpy says "It's bad to be tardy to a hamburger party, says Wimpy the Burger Man!" Instead of Popeye's usual "Toot! Toot!", two buttons pop off of Wimpy's shirt.

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