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Dizzy Divers
Number 24
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For Better or Worser
You Gotta Be a Football Hero

Dizzy Divers, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on July 26, 1935, is Popeye's 24th theatrical short.


Popeye and Bluto each own a deep sea diving business, and Popeye invites his colleage to work together finding a treasure. After he shows Bluto a map with the wreckage's location, they agree on going fifty-fifty with a handshake, but Bluto promptly socks his fellow treasure hunter and gets a headstart towards the goal. Olive accompanies her boyfriend as the latter tries to catch up (with Popeye helping his own ship go faster by pulling it from a small boat), however, Bluto has already arrived and begun his deep-sea diving with Wimpy's assistance. Yet Popeye rides his anchor down to the marine bottom first, soon reaching the treasure after easily doing away with a shark. When Bluto arrives, an inevitable fight erupts, including both men tossing an octopus to one another. Bluto traps his rival in a giant shellfish yet the sailor signals to Olive through the tube so she sends down his spinach. Thus Popeye escapes, wins the ensuing struggle and brings the prize (which had fallen back to the sea bottom) back up to his ship by throwing Bluto down to catapult it to his own arms. But then Bluto pops up again reminding that they had agreed on fifty-fifty. Being a man of his word, Popeye breaks the treasure in half and gives Bluto his share - along with a punch.

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