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Customers Wanted
Number 68
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Customers Wanted (Released on January 27, 1939) is Popeye's 68th theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios. It is a compilation film, featuring scenes from Let's Get Movin' and The Twisker Pitcher.


Both Popeye and Bluto are running penny arcades at an amusement park, competing for J. Wellington Wimpy's business. The moving picture machines show him scenes from the previous cartoons, with different versions for either of the owners. Popeye and Bluto end up fighting, so Wimpy gets the idea to host "the Fight of the Century" and profit from the incoming waves of spectators for the fight.

Voice cast

Color remake

Customers Wanted was remade by Famous Studios in 1955 as Penny Antics.


  • This is the first cartoon where Bluto is voiced by Pinto Colvig.