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Cops Is Tops
Number 216
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Cops Is Tops is Popeye's 216th theatrical cartoon, produced by Famous Studios and released on November 4, 1955.


While going to visit Olive, Popeye sees that she has joined the Police force. Believing it a dangerous line of work for a woman, he discreetly trails her, first disguising as a cigar store Indian just as a runaway horse requires police action. Popeye's attempt to stop the animal fails, but Olive cleverly uses tar to end its run and then pacifies it. Later, Popeye-as-a-baby witnesses the rookie's nervous attempt to thwart a bank robbery, then tosses her out of danger while trying to snatch the robber's loot - without success. Meanwhile, Olive uses the old trick of showing some leg so that the criminal, distracted, loses control of his vehicle and crashes, to be promptly arrested. Riding her motorcycle, Olive has to tow away a mobile diner in which a fight was happening, unaware that Popeye had gone into the brawl in order to protect her, to her disappointment on his participation in such violence. Popeye is made to pay a visit to jail. Later, near a lake, the policewoman notices a tough (the former Champ from Punch and Judo) in blatant disregard of the 'No Swimming Allowed!' sign, as he is contentedly doing the backstroke. When she reaches him on a canoe, the tough guy is unfazed by her authority and woud rather have the girl kiss him. This causes her to lose her cool, calling for Popeye's help as she swims away. Eating spinach allows the sailor hero to escape his cell, grabbing Olive from a bridge and giving the miscreant a mighty punch that sends him flying straight into a jail cell. For his helping a member of the female police squad, Popeye is made an honorary member and, to his embarrassment, is given a skirted uniform to wear.

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