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Cops Is Always Right
Number 67
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Cops Is Always Right is Popeye's 67th theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on December 30, 1938.


Popeye accidentally hits a traffic policeman with his old car and receives a ticket. Soon, he arrives at Olive's apartment building as she is doing her spring cleaning, washing the dishes in the kitchen. The same policeman now gives Popeye another ticket for his noisily blowing the car's horn. Trying to help Olive, Popeye mistakenly swaps out the living room's and the bedroom's contents. As the bell rings, Popeye accidentally drops all the dishes he is moving for he must come down to receive a third ticket as he has parked his car beside a fire hydrant. Olive next asks Popeye to replace a trunk, but he drops it as well when the officer calls again, this time to ticket Popeye for now placing his car in front of the fire department's headquarters. While lifting up Olive's piano to help her clean underneath, he leaves her trapped to go look out the window as the cop is sounding the bell again. As he peers out the window, he causes a flower pot to fall and hit the cop on the head, knocking him unconscious. Seeing that he has hit an officer, Popeye carries the knocked-out cop to the police station and locks himself in a cell.

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