Car-azy Drivers
Number 214
Car-azy Drivers
Gift of Gag
Mister and Mistletoe
Car-azy Drivers is the color remake of Fleischer Studios' Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive (1940), released in 1955 as the 214th Popeye cartoon.


Popeye drives to Olive's house wearing a suit of armor. He explains to her that it is a safety measure since he is giving Olive her first driving lesson, but she insists he takes it off. Soon, Popeye's girlfriend is struggling to start the car and, after a misunderstanding about choking the engine, she darts off so fast that Popeye insists she hit the brakes - ending with him embedded in the engine. As the lesson continues, Olive fails to keep her eyes on the road, hitting a fruit cart and then an armored car. When Olive has to signal a turn, she does it with Navy flags, but Popeye demonstrates she only needed to put her hand out, accidentally slapping a police officer in the process. Surprised, they fail to notice a road under construction until it is too late and Popeye asks Olive to hand him the wheel, so she breaks it off. Popeye becomes trapped in a tree branch as Olive careens in his out-of-control car and, after more mishaps, she falls off a cliff into a river. The car somehow emerges back on land only to crash against an explosives truck, but it is miraculously reassembled and re-boarded by Olive, on train tracks. Popeye eats his spinach to get off the tree, turn into a human automobile and stop the incoming train. Among the debris, both the car and Olive are fine. Some time later, Popeye is seen helping Olive ride a small tricycle.


  • This is the last cartoon produced before they were sold to a.a.p. for television.

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