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Can You Take It
Number 9
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The Man on the Flying Trapeze
Shoein' Hosses

Can You Take It is Popeye's ninth theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on April 27, 1934.


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Popeye accompanies Nurse Olive to her job at the Bruiser Boys Club's hospital ward. He notices the sign that reads "Bruiser Boys Club - Can you take it? We DARE you to join" and decides he would like to, then enters and witnesses the members' rough interactions. President Bluto is quick to dislike him, though, giving him a tight handshake but in turn receiving a tighter squeeze from the sailor. Popeye also keeps up with Bluto's cigar-smoking, and the latter finally sends the blindfolded sailor to the obstacle-filled initiation course. Giant circular saws only tickle Popeye, but he is then battered by mechanical devices. He falls into a lower level, and finally must enter an iron maiden in order to ride the elevator back to the main floor, although he emerges unscathed. The devious club leader tells the still-blindfolded Popeye they are taking his picture, but instead a cannon is shot at his stomach. Weakened, Popeye is sent to the hospital ward where the lovely sight of Nurse Olive Oyl revives him. He proceeds to eat his spinach in order to get back at the club members: he repeatedly hits the President with a club while variously defeating the others. He finally rejoins Olive, declaring himself the new president as the building crumbles around them.


  • A deathtrap-laden initiation course was also featured in Fleischer's earlier cartoon, Bimbo's Initiation (1931).

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