This is a story from Popeye, the original series published by Dell in 1948. The series was later renamed to Popeye the Sailor as it continued with other publishers. It has also been reprinted in other comic books by other publishers since then.

("Cam! Cam! Cam!! Drat! Where is that boy?!")


Writers: Bud Sagendorf
Pencils: Bud Sagendorf
Inks: Bud Sagendorf
Colors: Bud Sagendorf
Letters: Bud Sagendorf


Tag Line: ("Cam! Cam! Cam!! Drat! Where is that boy?!")
Number of pages: 6
Story Type: comic story
Characters: Rattles, Axle and Cam
Prints: Popeye (Dell, 1948 series) #27 (January-March 1954)
Popeye Classics (comic book) (IDW, 2012 series) #27 (October 2014)
Popeye Classics (hardcover) (IDW, 2013 series) #6 (June 2015)



Cam is lonely so he builds a robot dog to keep him company, but then has to convince his dad to let him keep the dog.

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