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Bulldozing the Bull
Number 63
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Bulldozing the Bull is Popeye's 63rd theatrical cartoon. It was produced by Fleischer Studios and released on August 19, 1938.


When Popeye passes by a bullfighting arena, he is given a free ticket but still declines to attend as he considers the sport inhuman. Yet, when he sees senorita Olive Oyl enter, he changes his mind. Inside, as he repositions himself to woo the less-than-responsive lady, he finds himself at the toreador's box, and is carried to the arena despite his protests. He breaks the swords he is offered as he is against animal cruelty, but then the bull sends him flying. He manages to ride it for a while, and then grab it in a choke-hold with his legs, only to be sent flying once again, eventually finding himself buried to his chest while the bull keeps trying, and failing, to gore him. The public is not amused by this spectacle, throwing vegetables at the arena. Senorita Olive, after failing to stop the spectators from throwing produce at Popeye, runs in to protect the sailor from the vegetable shower, and ends up chased by the beast just as a can of spinach is thrown before Popeye. Eating it transforms him into a matador that soon dominates the beast, using his fists as well as the Twisker Sock, but when he is handed another sword he again breaks it, restating his unwillingness to finish the bull, at which the animal offers him a handshake and gives him and Olive a ride as the whole stadium celebrates.

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